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OPIE what?

OPIE is the Open Palmtop Integrated Environment. Its goal is to create a free and complete set of applications for PDAs such as the Sharp Zaurus or the Compaq iPaq. It is based on Qt/embedded and compatible to the Qt Palmtop Environment.




There are an ipk or sources available, which you'll have to cross compile yourself. The compile script expects the same requirements as OPIE itself: gcc 2.x and Qt/embedded 2.3.4. Note that there is no parallel development - OPIE versions of Kamikaze will be created from time to time from the KDE version. The ipk is tested with OPIE only, but it should work with Qtopia. It uses a faked libstdc++ for some reason (will be fixed later).

Snapshot 0.0.1+20021231 (1.3 MB) - 31.12.2002
Snapshot 0.0.1+20021223 (1.2 MB) - 23.12.2002
(The same as 20021231 but sources only, I didn't have setup my cross compile toolchain yet :)


This guy and that one.