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Item descriptions

The images on the left are used in Nerdworld. On the right, there are the pixmaps as used in the Standard and Desert themes.

In invisible mode, the player can hit monsters without dying.
Causes extra-strong bomb explosions.
This gives the player one more bomb.
Increases the explosion power (range) of bombs.
Player gets an additional life.
The holy grail removes one life from all players who have more than one, and gives it to the player who picked it up.
Speeds up the lucky finder for about 5 seconds. Navigation can become tricky though.
If all monsters have died, the exit becomes highlighted. If it has been discovered already (activated), it can be used to end the level.

Bomb descriptions

Normal Bomb
A normal bomb which explodes after some seconds with a certain explosion power.
Time bomb
Behaves like scree, until the player activates it. Activation transforms it into a normal ticking bomb.
Moveable bomb
This is like a normal bomb except it can be moved by running against it. Think Sokoban :-)